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Developing Products to Improve People’s Lives

C2M is a manufacturer that offers an impressive selection of heavy-duty organizational products. We are constantly developing innovative designs that will make our customers’ lives easier. Accommodating needs for everything from workbench bracket racks to baseball bat racks, C2M understands the importance of creating universal designs that will blend seamlessly into a variety of environments. This is why we are committed to continuous innovation, ensuring that you always receive functional and “classic” looking products. The simple lines and compact designs of our products make C2M an excellent choice for all design schemes.

The satisfaction of owning a well-made and well-designed product is unbeatable, especially when quality comes at such great prices! Discover for yourself the advantages that C2M offers through our heavy-duty organizational products and explore our inventory today!

Why Choose C2M?

C2M Offers Space Saving Designs

Whether you are looking to transform wasted wall space into a compact and efficient storage area or looking to optimize space for display purposes, C2M has a product for you. Neatly organize your space without sacrificing accessibility—invest in C2M’s simple and effective designs today!

C2M Products Are Easy To Install

C2M products eliminate the hassle of installation by implementing easily mounted designs. Often using pre-drilled holes and other strategic designs, our products are engineered for streamlined simple set-up.

Heavy Duty Design Options at C2M

C2M is known for using heavy-duty materials to provide our customers with the greatest possible value. We carefully design and construct our products so that our customers will receive long-term value. Unlike other manufacturers, C2M does not cut costs to save a quick buck, but rather we build it right the first time so that it lasts a lifetime.

C2M is American Made

Built and sold by an employee-owned company proudly located in the Heartland of America. High-quality USA materials, such as diamond tread aluminum, are used in the welding and fabrication of our products to ensure a level of quality that is expected of American-based manufacturing. We offer a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, return it at any time for any reason.

Discover C2M

“Sometimes a product exceeds expectations”

Our products are effectively designed and easy to install because C2M manufactures with our customers’ needs in mind.